After Wisnu killed in his house, his wife Sarah (Dominique Diyose), tried hard to teach martial arts to their only daughter Marsya (Belinda Cames), whom actually hates martial arts so much. Until one day, Paquita (Sarah Carter) and her gang tried to hunt Sarah and Marsya down. Sarah then asked for help to Captain Roy (Nino Fernandez), Wisnu's best friend in the police force. Later they know that they also hunted by a group of men lead by a man named Oscar (Tio Pakusadewo). Adrenaline rush scenes happened in the attempt to save themselves. From speeding in Jakarta's main roads, intense gun shooting, until fierce fights between Sarah and Marsya and their chasers. Why Sarah and Marsya hunted and who are the people behind these dangerous groups? Find the answers only in "Guardian" in your nearest theatre, Soon!