(Release Date : 21 March 2013)
After Wisnu killed in his house, his wife Sarah (Dominique Diyose), tried hard to teach martial arts to their only daughter Marsya (Belinda Cames), whom actually hates martial arts so much. Until one day, Paquita (Sarah Carter) and her gang tried to hunt Sarah and Marsya down. Sarah then asked for help to Captain Roy (Nino Fernandez), Wisnu's best friend in the police force. Later they know that they also hunted by a group of men lead by a man named Oscar (Tio Pakusadewo). Adrenaline rush scenes happened in the attempt to save themselves. From speeding in Jakarta's main roads, intense gun shooting, until fierce fights between Sarah and Marsya and their chasers. Why Sarah and Marsya hunted and who are the people behind these dangerous groups? Find the answers only in "Guardian" in your nearest theatre, Soon!



Tania (Dianeersky), a sightless girl who never give up in reaching her dream to see the world perfectly, are best friends with Tara (Ferly Putra) since childhood. Tara who later became Tania's lover, always help her in achieving her dream even with all his limitations. Tania's mother (Ike Muti) really wants her daughter's recovery, but since she is just an MLM agent which income can only fulfil daily needs, her wish seems only to be a dream. Until one day, Genta (Afdhal Yusman) came, a financially established man who is able to make those dream come true. Tania's mother did not waste that chance and matched Genta with Tania.

Is it true that Genta can heal Tania just as her mother's wish? Can Tania reach her dream? How about Tania and Tara's relationship? Find the answers only in "Tania", soon in your nearest theatres!



(Release Date : 21 March 2013)
Info : Another movie from Aletta Pictures produced by Sarjono Sutrisno and directed by Harris Nizam, Hasduk Berpola. This movie, which was released on March 21st 2013, is a story about a boy who loves his veteran grandfather and his country. Actors and Actresses starring Hasduk Berpola are Idris Sardi, Iga Mawarni, Alisia Rininta, Petra Sihombing, Fay Nabila, Calvin Jeremy, and also talented kids from Bojonegoro and Surabaya.

We worked as the promoter Hasduk Berpola. Our projects in the movie promotion including Gala Premiere, Press Conference in Jakarta and Surabaya, Hasduk Berpola Goes to School in East Java, Hasduk Berpola Goes to School in Jabodetabek, and Watch Hasduk Berpola Together in Bojonegoro. We believe even a good movie still needs a good promotion to gain viewers to appreciate it.



(Release Date : October 21st, 2012)
The story started when a postman painstakingly run to deliver a letter from Jakarta for Udin. The postman knows that this letter will make Udin the most famous person in Indonesia. Udin's mother, Emak, searches for Udin who is apparently sleeping on a tree trunk. Emak shout to Udin while shaking the tree causing Udin to fall from the tree and his body hit the ground. Knowing the news, Udin get so excited.

Meanwhile, Shinta and Jojo start to feel tired with their crazy routines. Their fans and reporters are chasing them everywhere they go. To add their misery, their kittenish assistant Eman give them crazy schedule, from album recording, music clip and film shooting.

What will happen to Udin when he arrive in Jakarta? Will Shinta and Jojo able to manage their crazy schedule as a new celebrity?



Release Date : 07 July 2011
Info : Surat Kecil Untuk Tuhan movie was inspired by the famous novel of the same title written by Agnes Davonar, which remarkably made millions of readers shed tears. The story tells about Gita Sesa Wanda Cantika, known as Keke. A 13-year old girl first patient in Indonesia diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a fast-growing and highly malignant cancer. This movie was directed by Harris Nizam under the name of Skylar Pictures and starred by Dinda Hauw, Alex Komang, Ranty Purnamasari, Esa Sigit, Dwi Andika, Egi John Foreisythe, Herry Savalas, Pieter Gultom, Indri Giana, Maulidha Tiara, Sasa Nabila, Ayunda Maheswari, Cut Nadya, and Vinessa Ines. Released on July 7th 2011, this movie received positive feedback and succeeded to be Indonesian #1 Box Office in 2011. We got the honor to be the promoter of this movie. In promoting the movie, we held some events including The Premiere, 10.000 Balloon Event, Back2SKUT Event, and Buka Bersama Event. If you are interested to see our documentation from events organized in relation to Surat Kecil Untuk Tuhan movie, you can click these links below:



Ronny Danuatmaja (Tio Pakusadewo) is a famous, successful bussinesman who keeps the pride of his family name "Danuatmaja" above all the things. He never realized that his arrogance could shattered his own life.

After his son, Alaric (Revaldo) was found dead from drug overdoze, Ronny and his family decided to stay for a while in their vacation home. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a wrong decision because since they arrived, terrors came simultaneously. Why are they suddenly terrorized by unknown men?



(Release Date : February 4th, 2010)
Jono (Ferdi) and Shanti (Aurélie Moeremans) are in a relationship but Jono's parents are against it since both are from poor families. the broken heart Shanti then decides to run away from home and tries to take away her own life by jumping from a tall building.

However, she manages to be saved in the end and after that she starts to bring bad luck to everyone she meets, and the lists include strangers. What is the fate between Jono and Shanti? Will the bad luck stop there or it is just a beginning for more unfortunate events to come?



(Release Date : 1-2 September 2012)
All anime lovers in Indonesia and Asia were gathered together in this grand event of anime. Anime Festival Asia Indonesia (AFAID) 2012 was held on September 1st - 2nd in Jakarta International Expo. Cosplay competition, anisong stage, Maid Cafe, Butler Cafe, anime merchandise, and also mangaka artist zone are here to provide various anime experience for anime lovers. This event was organized by Dentsu, Skylar Comics, and Sozo Entertainment. Stromotion acted as the official promotions partner. We handled event promotions and media, and also press conference for the event.



(Release Date : 17 July 2012)
David Roland Cook, or more known as David Cook, rose to fame after winning the seventh season of American Idol. Twenty four hours after his winning, the songs he sang on the reality TV show became the most downloaded songs on iTunes. On July 17th 2012, he performed a concert in Jakarta for the first time on Tennis Indoor Senayan. Several Indonesian Idol finalists sang in the opening act, and the 2012 Indonesian Idol Winner, Regina Ivanova, had the honor to perform with Cook on stage.

The concert was promoted by Aletta Concerts and supported by Trilogy Live. Stromotion also supported this concert with our services in event promotions and ticketing system. With total of 16 songs, the concert lasted for approximately for two hours and Cook gave an overall enjoyable performance in front of a crowd of more 3000 people.

Event Promotions and Ticketing System


(Release Date : 07 October 2012)
JRock Evolution 2012 is a concert held by Sozo Entertainment under the platform of JLive Asia. This event took place in Skenoo Hall, Gandaria City, South Jakarta on October 7th 2012. The bands performing in this concert are from Japan. They are Alice Nine, MUCC, and UniTE. Sozo was Stromotion's client in promoting this concert. We provided event promotion, ticketing system, and also press conference.



(Release Date : 06 December 2011)
After his first performance in Jakarta on May 2010, Pitbull back to Indonesia in December 2011. This time, with Trilogy Live as the concert promoter. The concert was held on December 6th 2011 in Tennis Indoor Senayan, Jakarta. Pitbull sang 14 songs in this concert and the audiences was very enthusiastic singing and dancing along with him. We support this concert with our services as media partner to promote the concert.

Pitbull Live in Jakarta 2011


(Release Date : 11 August 2012)
A hip-hop quartet that plays live instrument called Gym Class Heroes came to Jakarta to bring their eclectic sound. Gym Class Heroes consisted of Travie McCoy (MC/rapper), Matt McGinley (drum), Disashi Lumumba-Kasongo (guitar), dan Eric Roberts (bass) received MTV Video Music Award as "Best New Artist" in 2007. With Trilogy Live as the promoter, the concert was held in Kartika Expo, Balai Kartini, on August 11th 2012. As an official promotions partner, we handled event promotions and ticketing service. This concert was Gym Class Heroes' opening act for their Asian tour and was a big succeed.

Gymclassheroes Live in Jakarta


(Release Date : 28 September 2012)
As a part of Strangeland tour, in September 28th 2012 Keane came to have a live concert in Jakarta. With Trilogy Live as the promoter for the concert in Indonesia, we supported this event by working in media handling and ticketing system. The concert was held in Tennis Indoor Senayan. Strangeland tour is the fifth tour to promote their fourth studio album Strangeland and also said as Keane's longest tour.

Media Handling and Ticketing System



After Wisnu killed in his house, his wife Sarah (Dominique Diyose), tried hard to teach martial arts to their only daughter Marsya (Belinda Camesi), whom actually hates martial arts so much. Until one day, Paquita (Sarah Carter) and her gang tried to hunt Sarah and Marsya down. Sarah then asked for help to Captain Roy (Nino Fernandez), Wisnu's best friend in the police force. Later they know that they also hunted by a group of men lead by a man named Oscar (Tio Pakusadewo). Adrenaline rush scenes happened in the attempt to save themselves. From speeding in Jakarta's main roads, intense gun shooting, until fierce fights between Sarah and Marsya and their chasers. Why Sarah and Marsya hunted and who are the people behind these dangerous groups?

About Us

No matter how good it is, without a good promotion, people will never know your product. So here we are! Our interest in advertising arts has led us to create Stromotion in 2008. As a part of Stro World Holding Company, we have worked in many types of advertising for our sister companies including movie (Skylar Pictures, Aletta Pictures, D'Color Films, Skylar TV), music(Aletta Concerts, Trilogy Live), online shopping site (Bazaar Maya), comic books (Skylar Comics), and also we have our own official magazine named Skylar Magazine.

We provide you not just ideas and concepts, but also help you through the process of building your brand and face the challenges in marketing. Not just a simple advertising, we will give you more opportunities to grow your company. Our understanding of clients helps us provide the best service. Experiences and unlimited creativity become our excellence. We are a team of dynamic individuals. Build your networks, make your products famous, and rocket your business with us!
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Prima (V) KDS
S.W.A.T Director
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S.W.A.T Graphic Designer
Dedi (Melond) Rakhman
S.W.A.T Web Front end


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